In 2021, Wolf creek UK is working towards reducing our impact on the environment, one step at a time. Throughout this year, we will be looking at how we can help the environment without reducing our high levels of service and quality of our products. From packaging through to delivery we will be assessing how, even small changes in the way we offer our services can also provide us all with a brighter, greener future.

Initially, we are looking at how we can reduce packaging, especially plastics within our paddleboard packages. We are currently speaking to our suppliers about how this can be achieved. Our company director Ian, has decided on how we, send our products to our customers in Brand new Wolf Creek UK boxes with company logos. Although the packaging we have been using has been from recycled materials Ian believes, as a company we can reduce this further. So to significantly reduce waste, Wolf Creek UK will now be sending out all our goods in the original, sustainable packaging we receive them in. We will still be carrying out our tough, safety, and quality checks, the only difference being is once this is done we will be returning the products to their original packaging, and send them directly to you our customers.